the thing where I make y'all look at my vacation photos, part 1

Well, not all of my vacation photos. I took a lot of them. But here is a sampling!

This trip was wonderful at reminding me of a thing that I often forget to foreground: that, across historical eras, cultures, and geographic locations, people are a lot more similar than we often think. (Or, as I frequently put it on this trip: "people gonna people, no matter when.") "History", sometimes, is a deeply heavy bludgeoning weapon that gets swung around to win an argument or prove something negative about a group of people Now, or a Weighty and Serious Tome we must Carefully Memorize, or an ongoing selection of received 'wisdom' about the past that's been filtered through layers of contemporary (or also-historical!) cultural assumptions and mistranslations and misunderstandings and such. But when you're standing in front of a case holding a four-thousand-year-old customer service complaint and it sounds just like a person you heard yelling at a cashier three weeks ago, it reminds you that all those layers of capital-H History are made up of people.

[personal profile] rydra_wong said something that stuck with me, while we were looking at an occupied sarcophagus and the CT-assisted recreation of the woman's face, about how sometimes you look into History and can see one individual looking back at you from across that vast gulf of years. I had that happen a lot on this trip, as we wandered through various places, and it was a balm for the part of me that's been rubbed raw these past few political years to see those moments of connection across time and space, instead of division.

People gonna people. I took a lot of these pics to remind me of that later.

Anyway! On to the pictures. Click any thumbnail for a larger size.

Week 1: Oxford )

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I was going to write up my post about all the awesome things we saw on vacation (many awesome things!) But then the kitten climbed under the duvet with me and draped his chin over my ankle and then I was stuck there for three hours, so.

However, I did get to the doctor doing medical cannabis certification today! He was awesome (and so very Aspie in the best possible way where he'd clearly picked a thing and learned EVERYTHING ABOUT IT and wanted to share, which is the kind of doc I adore), and I am now in possession of a medical marijuana recommendation certificate (they can't legally be called "prescriptions", you see), a bottle of pure CBD extract with minimal THC, and a list of strains that are more likely to work for my weird biochemistry (which fascinated him). He had me try the extract right there and it helped TONS and I didn't get any of the out of my head who turned off gravity I'm just gonna lie here effects I get from a high THC strain, so I am cautiously optimistic!

At one point we were talking about why I wanted to go with medical cannabis and I rattled off a bunch of reasons and ended up with "the way the country is going I'm wagering I'll be more able to access medical marijuana than I will be able to get my prescription painkillers in another few years", then stopped and said "Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say out loud."

Anyway. Vacation pics later this week. Here is the adorable reason(s) why I have not yet done them:

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We are now in Heathrow Airport waiting to board the plane for home! More details later, but it was a great vacation and my spine cooperated enough to let me do WAY more than I feared I would. Also, can now confirm rydra_wong is just as fucking awesome in person as she is online. \o/

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