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I keep tweeting instead of updating here, because my brain is really only working in very small doses lately. So I forgot to mention that we've scheduled the radiation for the Dupuytren's, after I saw Mom's hand guy and his recommendation was "yes, go do it". So, the setup will be at the end of June, and the first round of treatment is over five days in the first week of July. Fortunately, I found a radiation oncologist in northern Virginia who even takes my insurance, and I utterly adored him when I went to see him a few weeks ago, so I feel as okay with this as I think I'm gonna.

The prognosis is good. I'm a great candidate. The worst side effect risk is that I'll wind up with chronic pain in the hands, which I already have, and it's a small risk. The most likely side effect is that I'll have to be vigilant about moisturizing for the rest of my life since the radiation kills the sweat glands in your palms and your palms need moisture, so I'll have to use aquaphor a lot. ("Women don't have a problem with this, it's the guys who get into trouble," said Dr Bajaj.) I have a job that's flexible enough to accommodate unexpected health disasters and a wife who is the most supportive person in the universe. It could be much, much, much worse.

Please remind me of this fact next month when I regret everything. (The reason the radiation works so well is that the first round wakes up all the dormant nodules in your hands and starts them growing, then the second round in another 3 months kills those. Which is kind of awesome, in a deeply disturbing kind of way, but I predict I'll be very pissed off at my decisions in another six weeks or so.)

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