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I'm not dead, I promise, I just underestimated how much they really, really meant it when they said treatment would make it worse before it gets better, heh. (Also, we had to overlap treatment, when they usually do one hand at a time, to get it all done before I have to switch insurance in January to a plan with a more narrow network because of the ACA fuckery. Two doses of radiation at once are more than twice as exhausting!)

Left hand has now been treated twice. One cord started going down immediately after the first treatment; the other got way worse, as expected, to the point of starting actual contracture at the second knuckle, but I *think* that's getting better. It's definitely stopped getting worse, at least, and it hurts in there like all get out which I'm hoping is the bad collagen breaking up. Right hand gets the second round in another few weeks.

I haven't been reading email or anything on DW for like the last two months (i put my computer away bc typing is agony right now but if the laptop is there I'll do it anyway) but I'm hoping it won't be as bad after the second right hand dose since the right hand didn't do the "five years of deterioration in eight weeks" thing.

Meanwhile, in non health news: two months ago, Sarah came home from work to a tiny orange tabby ball of kitten fluff sitting up in the cherry tree and yelling his heart out at her. The vet estimated he was 9-10 weeks old at the time. He is named Anders, because what else do you call a scruffy ginger apostate occasionally possessed by the kitten zooms? He has decided I'm his human. Sarah thinks he met Gabe right before this latest incarnation and Gabe steered him our way in exchange for a promise to take care of me. :) posting pics is a pain on mobile since I don't use email on my phone, but check my Twitter media tab for pics such as https://twitter.com/rahaeli/status/930822717225435136 :)

I am likely declaring email bankruptcy once I can type again, but I miss y'all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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